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Indoor Plant Hire ... We bring you beauty AND health!

Indoor plant hire: large desktop garden in terracotta urn

Scroll though our website and you will see why it's so good for YOU to work with companion-plants! Sherwood Indoor Plant Hire knows just how to balance the elements of science and artistry in your office, showroom, hotel or club to bring you health and beauty.

Sherwood Indoor Plant Hire focus on providing quality Indoor Plants for the Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs and our experienced horticulturists and pleasant, efficient service team that will help you transform your office or workplace into a tranquil, green haven with just one email or telephone call. Contact us.

How we help you

As you further explore our website and learn more about....

  1. Our Indoor Plant Hire Services include:
    • Permanent and casual Indoor Plant Hire for indoor and outdoor situations.
    • Providing various office plant hire budget options.
    • Installation, Maintenance, and Replacement
  2. Our wide range of no-fuss, stunning Office Floor Plants
  3. Our great variety of shapes, sizes and styles of planters on our containers page that offer you such a wide choice.

Bring nature indoors - it's good for you!

For many years, you've seen that healthy green indoor plants have been a popular choice for enhancing office décor.

But now, scientific research has shown that these plants are not just a pretty face -they bring many benefits to the health and economy of your workplace, such as these....